Evolution Environmental Systems

Water is considered to be the most vital substance on earth; life simply cannot exist without it. Yet, our limited supply of this precious resource continues to be compromised, and in some cases even contaminated daily, putting our health and lives at risk.

Evolution Environmental Systems' ground-breaking water purification and ionization technology combines 25 years of research, development and testing to address water contamination, specifically designed to remove impurities identified by the following agencies:

- U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
- Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
- Environmental Working Group (EWG)

Evolution Environmental Systems offers a wide array of commercial-grade ionization and purification systems which are fully integrated and designed for high-demand applications. Such "Light-Industrial" consumers include hospitals, restaurant, hotels and schools where application specific purification solutions are needed.

Water ionization capable of 2.4 -11.6 pH with ORP +/- 1000 mV

Application Specific Water Purification & Ionization

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