About Us

With well over 25 years of OEM experience in the field of water purification and ionization, Evolution Environmental Systems has become a leading supplier of application specific treatment systems for municipal water.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology and implement revolutionary knowledge in water treatment to deliver high quality water for an array of high-demand industries. We use proprietary membrane, mineral and fiber technologies for water purification, and have components used in our systems registered by leading worldwide testing and certification agencies.

At Evolution Environmental Systems, our success and that of our clients comes from our engineers first understanding each customer's unique needs, then designing small to medium size systems for customer specific applications. Our principle for success continues to highlight Competency, Consistency and Application Specific Development and Service, making for the most complete solution to any water purification and ionization challenge.

We welcome the opportunity to meet your toughest demands while continuing to provide outstanding customer service.

Custom Solutions

The Evolution Environmental Systems' industry-leading engineers work with each individual client through every stage of planning and implementation – from analysis to development, startup to system monitoring and follow-up services – ensuring the perfect custom solution.

We specialize in custom-engineered filtration systems designed, developed and implemented for your specific use utilizing state-of-the-art components and proprietary filtration properties. This allows us to adapt to your unique needs for a custom application solution that fits your organization's needs. Whether these systems are for schools, restaurants, hospitals, hotels or other markets, our purification and ionization technologies are guaranteed to satisfy your most demanding purification requirements.

Please contact us today to discover how Evolution Environmental Systems can help you with a custom solution.